Episode 27

Safeguarding Interviews from ChatGPT Misuse

About this Episode

In this episode of Offer Accepted, host Shannon Ogborn welcomes Aline Lerner, CEO of interviewing.io, and Michael Mroczka, a Software Engineer and Dedicated Coaching Interviewer. They dive into the evolving landscape of technical interviews where Aline shares insights from her nine years at interviewing.io, emphasizing the platform's mission to democratize hiring by valuing skills over resumes. Michael, a seasoned mentor and ex-Google software engineer, discusses the benefits of real interview practice over mere theoretical preparation.

The conversation shifts to current challenges in technical recruiting, notably the impact of AI on hiring practices. Aline cites a significant increase in interview cheating facilitated by tools like ChatGPT. They explore how these changes necessitate adaptations in interview processes to maintain integrity. Michael highlights the effectiveness of traditional technical interviews and the potential risks AI poses in enabling dishonesty among candidates.

The episode wraps with a discussion on potential solutions to counteract cheating in interviews. Both guests agree on the need for more innovative and rigorous interviewing techniques that can withstand the ingenuity of AI-assisted cheating. They advocate for a balance between leveraging technology and upholding rigorous standards to accurately assess candidate capabilities.



This Episode's Guests

Aline Lerner

CEO/Founder @ interviewing.io

Founder and CEO of interviewing.io, focused on democratizing technical hiring to be a catalyst for fair and efficient hiring practices.

Michael Mroczka

Software Engineer @ ex-Google

ex-Google software engineer and top mentor at interviewing.io with a decade of coaching experience.

Key Learnings

  1. AI's Dual Impact on Recruitment - During the podcast, the impact of artificial intelligence on recruitment processes is a significant talking point. Aline highlights the increasing challenge of interview cheating, with candidates using tools like ChatGPT to bypass traditional interview questions. This trend poses a risk to the integrity of hiring processes, potentially leading to unqualified hires. However, AI also offers tools that can enhance recruiter productivity and candidate sourcing. The discussion reflects a nuanced view of AI in recruitment, emphasizing the need for strategic use while being cautious of its potential for misuse.
  2. Evolving Interview Techniques to Counter Cheating - Michael brings attention to the necessity of evolving interview techniques in response to the rise in AI-assisted cheating. He notes that while technical interviews have traditionally been effective, the ease of obtaining answers from AI platforms like ChatGPT has made it crucial to reassess and adapt these methods. The podcast explores the idea of designing interviews that not only test technical knowledge but also assess a candidate's ability to apply concepts in novel situations, thereby mitigating the risk of cheating and ensuring a more accurate evaluation of a candidate’s potential on the job.
  3. Democratizing Technical Hiring - Aline discusses the mission of interviewing.io, which aims to revolutionize technical hiring by prioritizing skills over traditional resumes. The platform facilitates anonymous mock interviews, helping engineers, regardless of their background or educational pedigree, access opportunities at top tech companies. By reducing biases and focusing on actual abilities, interviewing.io intends to make the hiring process more equitable and efficient. This approach not only benefits candidates by broadening their access to opportunities but also aids companies in finding truly skilled engineers beyond conventional recruitment methods.

Hosted By

Shannon Ogborn

RecOps Consultant & Community Lead @ Ashby

Shannon Ogborn is a Recruiting Ops expert with nearly ten years of experience at companies from Google to Hired Inc and more. She’s shining a spotlight onto what makes a recruiting strategy one of a kind.

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