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Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez

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Scheduling in Ashby has reached new heights with the release of our Advanced Scheduling Automation Add-on. For talent teams with high volume interview loads and complex panels, this add-on provides a best-in-class scheduling experience that is part of a true All-in-One recruiting platform.

Let’s take a look at each of the marquee features – available as an add-on for customers on the All-in-One Recruiting Plus plan.

Interviewer Training

Qualified interviewers help ensure consistency in the standard you set for your interviews. But, this becomes problematic if you have the same few qualified interviewers handling the bulk of interviews. You need a way to track and qualify new interviewers that is seamlessly part of your scheduling workflow.

Enable Interviewer Training

Interviewer training in Ashby allows you to set up training stages in your interview pool for tracking qualified and trainee interviewers. Through a series of shadows and reverse shadows, employees can become part of a qualified interviewer set for your various evaluation criteria.


Set up your schedules to automatically pull in trainees and qualified interviewers.


Coordinators won’t need to worry about checking a separate spreadsheet to ensure interviews will be conducted correctly or whether they are progressing trainees.


This speeds up the scheduling process, ensures you are creating a larger pool of qualified interviewers, and leads to higher quality interviews.

Scheduling Requests

Scheduling Requests are a critical part of the candidate and internal stakeholder experience. Having an efficient process for creating, triaging, and executing scheduling requests can mean the difference between closing on great talent or not. 

In many cases, teams are forced to stitch multiple tools together. It starts off simple, but ends up messy. To get started with Scheduling Requests in Ashby you can set up custom request forms and priority levels.


Kick off a request for any schedule activity and add the relevant details. You can add multiple assignees if you need to surface a request to more than one person for visibility.


Scheduling requests flow into an Interviews Dashboard. This dashboard acts as a queue for recruiting coordinators to operate out of, and for anyone else to see the status of their requests. Coordinators can build custom views in this dashboard and help pick up specific requests if they see load is high for a particular coordinator.


This helps coordinators stay in their workflow and is more efficient than switching tabs to view outside ticketing systems or email inboxes.


The new auto-scheduler will have an immediate impact on helping coordinators find availability for large panels with complex schedules. It will generate schedules using AI-powered automation while giving you the ability to override and tweak when necessary.

Jump into the auto-scheduling workflow once a candidate has submitted their availability.


Add-in breaks, allow for scheduling over multiple days, and adjust any settings. These can also be set as defaults for your organization or interview plan.


You’ll next see the proposed schedules based on candidate availability, your settings, and interviewer calendars. This view will show any conflicts, display the time slots/breaks, and allow you to regenerate schedules if time has passed since the proposals were generated.


Unlike most auto-scheduling products, you have the option to jump into the full calendar view to adjust anything as needed or simply confirm and complete the booking.


For an extra layer of automation you can have the auto-scheduler run immediately after a candidate submits their availability. When this happens you receive a notification that takes you directly into the proposed schedules to confirm.


Once properly set up, auto-scheduling helps your team handle highly sophisticated schedules over a large volume of bookings. This means you have a tool that helps you remain efficient even as your complexity increases.

Hold scheduling

For busy interviewer calendars scheduling “holds” are perfect for reserving time while you confirm any final details. Ashby gives you the flexibility to hold silently or notify at the time of creating the hold.


Once you have confirmed details you can complete the booking and send out notifications as you normally would in Ashby.


Automatically swap declined interviewers

Interview declines can often derail your set schedules. This creates extra work for the coordination team and puts the event at risk if not fixed quickly.

Ashby can automatically swap out declined interviewers with an alternate interviewer sending the organizer a notification of the change that took place.

Automatically replace declined interviewers
Notification confirming the replacement

This automation makes it easy to trust that your events can stay on track and gives your coordination team another tool to handle the intricacies of scheduling across high volume and busy schedules.

How to get started

Talent teams using the Advanced Scheduling Automation Add-on are able to eliminate spreadsheets for tracking interviewer qualifications. They no longer need to use third party ticketing tools to track scheduling requests. They can use AI-powered automations to streamline time consuming tasks and schedule a high volume of interviews.

Most importantly, they can deliver on the promise of candidate and stakeholder experience which ultimately helps deliver better hiring outcomes.

To get started with the Advanced Scheduling Automation Add-On reach out to your Customer Success Manager for next steps. If you’re new to Ashby and are interested in seeing more on how scheduling fits into our entire recruiting platform you can also book a demo to learn more.

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