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Migrating to Ashby

What's it like switching to Ashby for large organizations?

Fast data imports and best-in-class Implementation Experts power your transition to Ashby. No bloated timelines. Flexible implementation options. Contract buyouts available.

What was so surprising was the seamless transfer of data from [Legacy ATS]. This was my 4th ATS implementation, and by far the best. It was head-scratchingly easy.
Dustin Laycock

Dustin Laycock

Senior Recruiting Manager at Zello


Clearing the path to Ashby

We know modernizing your recruiting tech stack is a big step. That’s why we’ve invested in making the transition predictable and streamlined.

A single platform for modern recruiting teams

Ashby is built from the ground up so you can implement your best ideas and run the recruiting process you’ve always wanted. All in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of the most common questions about migrating and how we help you make the switch.

Won't it be a hassle getting my data into Ashby?

We’ve built custom connectors giving you a fast import process that brings over all your data. Reliably migrate in days, not months.

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What if I'm stuck in a [Legacy ATS] contract?

Contract buyouts are available for companies that qualify. If you’re eligible for our program, Ashby will buy out a percentage of your existing contract to help with the transition.

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How is change management handled for large organizations?

Work alongside our expert Customer Success Team to define strategy, create workflows, test processes, and receive analytics support as part of your Ashby subscription.

Migration story

How Brightline quickly realized that Ashby was the obvious choice during their evaluation process

With Ashby, Brightline’s been able to bring every recruiting need under one roof. No context switching, no broken integrations, and working with just one customer success manager versus multiple.

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