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Unlock your ATS data with intuitive, fast and powerful reporting —finally. Included in Ashby All-In-One. Available as an add-on for your existing ATS.

Ashby Analytics for your existing ATS

Track Key Metrics

Answer and monitor important questions

Interview volume over time? Offer acceptance rate by team? Average time in process? Onsite interviews in engineering by source? We’ve got you covered with out of the box reports, customizable templates, and a report builder to build your own from scratch.

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”It's so valuable to know not just our pass-through rate, but to see that split by department, level, hiring manager, and team. There are so many filters we can use to get so granular. Ashby finds issues for us, like a map that guides us to where we need to deep-dive.“

Kate Taylor

Head of Global Recruiting at Notion

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Filter, Segment, Drill Down

Powerful and intuitive report builders

Unlike the mostly static dashboards provided by Excel sheets or BI tools, Ashby lets you interactively explore all your recruiting data. Build your own reports. Filter and segment by any field. Drill down into each data point.

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”We're so much more organized. With [legacy tools], we needed a custom report for everything, and the system looked out of control. The different options Ashby has for reconfiguring data means it never does that. I really enjoy how much control I have over my work and data environments. Our team has all the same information in the same place, and we're marching forward as one cohesive unit.“

Kate Fahy

VP of Talent Acquisition at Sequoia

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Be Proactive

Customizable Alerts to Share Info and Enforce SLAs

Create custom alerts to enforce SLAs on your hiring team and keep everyone informed on hiring progress. Alerts can be delivered via Email or Slack.

Stale Applicants Email Alert
Candidate Feedback Slack Notification


Track DEI Metrics and Goals at Every Step of the Funnel

Track DEI goals at every step of the funnel. Ashby can infer the demographics of your candidates or you can rely on self-reported data or Recruiter ID.

DEI Metrics Charts


Plan ahead

Use the recruiting planner to leverage historical data to forecast capacity. Track hiring goals and progress in real-time.

Progress Planning

Deep Expertise

Recruiting Operations Consulting

Through our recruiting operations consulting function we go beyond traditional customer success and provide you with insights and best practices that uplevel your team.

Ravan Charles

Ravan Charles

Kyra Vargas

Kyra Vargas

Jared Haynes

Jared Haynes

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Kristl Yuen

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Shannon Ogborn

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Aman Kiflezgi

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Morgan O'Marro

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Christian Novicki

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