Ashby partners with The Selection Labto help recruiters assess perfect-fit candidates.

Integration Information

You’ll be able to automatically measure candidates’ soft skills using built-in workflows and in-the-moment triggers. Generate assessments for candidates in a few clicks, and see the results directly in Ashby as soon as they’re done!

The Selection Lab

The Selection Lab

The Selection Lab offers a powerful suite of tools to measure competencies, core values, intelligence, and cultural preferences. You’ll use their library of benchmarks to assess candidate responses and generate interview questions to help you get more information. Access it all quickly and easily from Ashby, while never losing track of candidates and their responses.


Easy, intuitive set up using an API key


Seamless tracking of candidate soft skills, responses, and scores on The Selection Lab assessments from within Ashby


Receive notifications when candidates complete assessments, so you never miss a response and keep your pipelines up to date

Community Benefit

Offering a 30-day free trial when you connect with Ashby, click here!

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VanMoofModern TreasuryWeTransferDeelVeevFullStoryJuniAstronomerTalentful