New Feature: Build Talent Pools and Capture Interest with Sourcing Forms

Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez

3 minute read

Missing out on great talent due to a mismatch in open roles is a lost opportunity. The goodwill of your employer brand, and current employees, attracts people interested in working with you, regardless of your current openings. You need a way to capture and organize potential candidates who know about your company but don’t immediately have a role that suits them.

Today, we’re releasing Sourcing Forms which allow you to create customizable forms to collect potential candidate information without needing to tie them to a specific job.

Sourcing forms come with their own dedicated URL, and you can configure automation rules to trigger once a form is submitted.

This enables you to capture interest and organize your talent pools, giving you a head start on sourcing efforts for future openings.

Sourcing Forms are also great for general referrals. Existing employees and people in your company’s network love recommending talented individuals they've worked with. Now, they can do so even if there isn’t a current job matching their skillset.

Use Ashby’s form builder to customize the information you want to collect from these potential candidates.

Set up automation rules to organize form submissions into projects.

Forms are hosted on a unique URL and can be embedded in all the places you want to collect interest.

Take action on the submissions when you’re ready to kick off sourcing efforts.

Sourcing Forms are available today for current customers across all plans. You can get started by clicking the “Sourcing” dropdown in the top navigation and clicking “Forms.” If you’re interested in trying out Ashby and our new Sourcing Forms you can also book a demo to learn more.

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