Ashby is partnering with Zincto capture in-depth insights into candidate backgrounds and references worldwide

Leverage our integration with Zinc to make the background check process faster, easier, and less intrusive than ever, helping you 10x your candidate experience.

Integration Information

With this new integration, you’ll be able to set up in-depth, automated reference and background checks for anyone, anywhere in the world, all without leaving Ashby. Their best-in-class speed and user experience allow Zinc to provide recruiters with unique candidate insights, now seamlessly integrated within Ashby.

This out-of-the-box integration creates unbroken workflows between Zinc and Ashby, ensuring you make awesome, risk-free hires, faster.



Zinc is on a mission to make background checks and references into a seamless process for both you and your candidates.

Automated Background Checks

You’ll be able to access Zinc from within Ashby, turning background checks into a fast, easy process of just a few clicks - you’ll save time while elevating your candidate experience.

Quick Implementation

Visit Ashby University to learn more about our easy, API key setup

Community Benefit

Ashby customers receive a 10% discount off Zinc. Mention that you're an Ashby customer and your Zinc sales rep will make sure that the discount is applied.

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QuoraVantaDockerWeTransferIroncladDeelRampHackerOneFullStoryJuniAstronomerTalentfulModern Treasury