New Feature: Set Application Deadlines for Your Job Postings

Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez

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At the beginning of the year, Colorado introduced legislation requiring employers with at least one employee in the state to make a reasonable effort to display the duration a job will be posted.

By January 1, 2024, employers with Colorado employees should add application deadlines to job postings for positions that can be filled in or from Colorado (including remote positions) and develop a process for updating those postings with extended deadlines when necessary or removing the posting when the deadline passes.

As we’ve seen with pay transparency, these laws can quickly become adopted by other states/regions and become the expectation for job seekers.

To help teams stay in compliance, we're introducing "Application Deadlines" for job postings. This new setting allows you to specify an application deadline that is displayed as structured data on the job posting.

job posting

This ensures you can easily stay in compliance across all your job postings and provides a clear way for applicants to view application deadline information. Rather than adding this date as unstructured text within the job description or omitting it entirely, you can add and track a date in just a few clicks. 

setting the application deadline

You’ll also have the ability to automatically unpublish a job posting when the deadline passes.

automatically unpublish

This automation ensures you don’t need to worry about stale or incorrect deadlines appearing on published job postings.

Our goal is to provide customers with useful tools as new regulations come into place. Adding application deadlines not only keeps you compliant with state laws, it also signals a commitment to transparency and helps develop an employer brand that cares about clear and open communication.

To get started with Application Deadlines head over to the “Basic Info” tab on your job postings where you can set a date, time, and choose to enable automatic unpublishing. If you’re interested in trying out Ashby and the new Application Deadlines you can also Book a Demo to learn more.

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