New Feature: Automate Activities in Your Interview Plans

Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez

3 minute read

Your workflows in Ashby are getting a huge upgrade today with our brand new activity automations. Activities can now automatically trigger when candidates enter a stage in your interview plans.

This allows you to automate activities like sending:

  • direct booking and candidate availability links
  • assessments
  • questionnaires 
  • take-home assignments
  • emails

Automating the various activities in your interview plans has an immediate impact on your team’s productivity and can save you hours of manual work per week. Candidates will also feel the impact of receiving timely communication.

When your automations are set up you’ll notice the lightning icon indicating an activity automation will start when a candidate is moved to that stage.


You always have the option to undo the automation for a period of about 20 seconds.


Now that you’ve seen how these automations will trigger, let's look at some examples of when you may want to implement these automations in your interview process. 

Schedule Interview

Automatically send a direct booking link for an intro call after bulk reviewing applications.


Send Email

Let candidates know they will receive an NDA to sign when they reach a certain point in the interview process.


Take-home Assignment

Immediately send take-home assignment instructions when a candidate reaches the appropriate stage.



Trigger a questionnaire for any dietary restrictions or accessibility requirements before an onsite visit.



Screen a large volume of candidates with a technical assessment before scheduling time for a deep dive.


You now have an interview plan that leverages these automations to streamline your various touchpoints with candidates across your interview process.


We’re excited for these automations to help you become even more productive with Ashby. To learn more about setting up these automations in your account head over to Ashby University. If you’re interested in trying out Ashby and the new interview plan activity automations you can also Book a Demo to learn more.

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