New Feature: Surface Key Recruiting Metrics with Core Dashboards

Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez

3 minute read

We’re excited to announce a new feature in Ashby that makes your recruiting data even more accessible - Core Dashboards. These pre-built dashboards are automatically created from the data generated across all your recruiting activities in Ashby.

By using Core Dashboards, you’ll immediately have access to dozens of reports. These are grouped across several dashboards, providing an overview of your key metrics in Ashby. Core Dashboards offer your team seven different dashboards that require zero setup. These include:

  • Executive Dashboard
  • Jobs Dashboard
  • Sourcing Dashboard
  • Interview Dashboard
  • Offer Dashboard
  • CRM Summary Dashboard
  • DEI Dashboard (available to customers with diversity analytics add-on)

Core Dashboards leverage Ashby’s powerful analytics and reporting platform to give you confidence in understanding and acting on your recruiting data. See a sample below.

Executive Dashboard

core executive dashboard

What are my key metrics across all Hires, Offers, Open Jobs, and Interviews?

Jobs Dashboard

core jobs dashboard

Are any recruiters under strain with the number of open jobs they have?

Sourcing Dashboard

core sourcing dashboard

What is our total outreach week over week by channel?

Interviews Dashboard

core interviews dashboard

Where are we missing on our interviewer Feedback SLA?

These out-of-the-box dashboards are perfect for consistently providing visibility to leadership, recruiters, and cross functional partners on foundational metrics across your organization.

To get started head over to Dashboards > Core Dashboards. If you’re interested in trying out Ashby and the new Core Dashboards you can also Book a Demo to learn more.

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