Ashby Has Partnered with Fetcher

Ashby has now partnered with Fetcher, and we’re excited to bring you a new way to automate your outreach and speed up recruiting.

Fetcher is a full-service, automated sourcing and outreach platform. By combining human insight with the latest in machine learning, Fetcher fetches curated groups of qualified candidates right to your inbox.

fetcher logo

If you’re currently using both Fetcher and Ashby, your Fetcher candidates will now be pushed into Ashby automatically. You’ll have a clearer picture of your overall pipeline for open roles as well as each candidate’s progress through the funnel.

fetcher’s setup in ashby

It’s live now, so head over to Fetcher’s integrations page and enter your Ashby API key to get started.

Not fetching yet? Schedule a demo with Fetcher here.

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