New Feature: Connect Form Questions to Candidate Fields

Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez

1 minute read

Today, we’re releasing a new feature that gives you the ability to connect form questions to a candidate field. By connecting a question on a form to a candidate field, you can automatically collect and store form data in a more structured way, tied directly to the candidate's profile.

This enables you to reuse form data across multiple activities throughout your recruiting process and offers improved reporting for the data you’re collecting. Today, we support connecting these forms to candidate fields in Ashby:

  • Application
  • Questionnaires
  • Candidate surveys
  • Referral

Once you've set up some Form Field Connectors, you can improve multiple workflows, such as:

Filtering by skills during application review to help prioritize candidates


Surfacing correct pronunciations to interviewers leading to a delightful candidate experience


Adding questionnaire data collected from the candidate to your e-signature offer in Ashby


Giving recruiters a productivity boost, and interviewers more context, by connecting and showing portfolio links in the interview briefing 


When setting this up for your account, you’ll also have the ability to create a new field and backfill it if you've been collecting this data in forms all along.


Form Field Connectors help you take advantage of the powerful forms and integrated workflows possible in Ashby. We've seen how this new and exciting building block can help you create a better candidate and interviewer experience, and increase recruiter productivity.

If you’re already using Ashby you can learn more about how to use Form Field Connectors at Ashby University. You can also book a demo if you’re interested in using Form Field Connectors for capturing and structuring your form data on candidates in Ashby!

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