New Feature: Customizable Interview Reminders for Candidates and Interviewers

Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez

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We’re excited to release a highly anticipated feature for our scheduling module in Ashby: Interview Reminders. These customizable reminders can be sent to both candidates and interviewers for their upcoming interviews.

Setting up Interview Reminders helps reduce regrettable no-shows and delivers a thoughtful candidate experience. We’ve utilized several of Ashby’s core building blocks to provide interview reminders. Let’s take a look.

Setting up reminder defaults

You can specify company-wide default reminders for candidates and interviewers. These will be used while scheduling unless you prefer a different set of reminders for a specific interview plan or individual interview schedule. 


Configuring reminders

When configuring reminders you have several options available.

  1. Create as many reminders as you need for candidates and interviewers
  2. Set the “From” as the schedule organizer or your “no-reply” email address
  3. Customize the length (number) and time interval (days, hours, minutes) before the interview 
  4. Use the default reminder template or create an entirely new email template
  5. Send reminders via Slack to interviewers

Combining daily reminders

When you have multiple events on the same day you can choose to combine the reminders or keep them separate.


Email templates

Use the default template available or create a completely custom email template for your reminders. You’ll notice we can include the Video Conferencing link/Phone Number as a substitution token.


Interview Reminders example delivered over email


When interviewing across multiple time zones, locations, and dynamic work schedules it’s helpful to have highly customizable interview reminders to ensure events start on time and attendees are in the right frame of mind at the onset.

To get started head over to Scheduling Defaults > Reminders in admin or see the setup details at Ashby University. If you’re interested in trying out Ashby and our new Interview Reminders you can also Book a Demo to learn more.

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