Episode 8

Attracting Amazing Candidates Through Unlocking External Transparency

About this Episode

Adam emphasizes the power of vulnerability and openness, even when a company isn't perfect. He encourages leaders to embrace their flaws, control the narrative, and openly discuss improvement initiatives. This approach, he argues, resonates with candidates and employees alike, fostering a stronger connection to the business.

The conversation also explores the concept of an open org accreditation, a public commitment to external transparency. Adam believes every job advert should include reasons why candidates might not want to apply, providing a unique perspective on recruitment strategy. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in fostering transparency and trust in their organization.


Recruiting Ops

This Episode's Guest

Adam Horne

Co-Founder @ Open Org

Adam co-founded Open Org, a startup that helps companies become more transparent employers and provides accreditation to showcase this transparency. He has a long tenure as a founder and talent consultant to VC-backed scale-ups. He is passionate about rebuilding trust in the world of work through transparency.

Key Learnings

Horne advocates for increasing external transparency in recruitment by fostering trust and vulnerability. He emphasizes the importance of defining your company’s culture of transparency so that information is presented in an authentic and trust-building way. He encourages companies to be vulnerable and admit when they didn’t hit their mark as this resonates with candidates.

Major takeaways:

  1. The Power of External Transparency in Hiring - Adam emphasizes the importance of external transparency in the hiring process. He suggests companies should share their hiring process and candidate experience survey results. This transparency can be a powerful tool for attracting potential candidates and building trust. It's not about sharing every detail but choosing what makes sense for the business and providing context. Companies like GitLab, which have a public handbook devoted to their hiring metrics, serve as an inspiration for others.
  2. Transparency as a Trust Builder - Transparency, according to Adam, is a key element in building trust. He argues that companies should not only focus on internal transparency but also consider external transparency. This shift can be intimidating for some companies, but it's a necessary step toward building trust with potential candidates. By sharing non-confidential data and information, companies can demonstrate their commitment to transparency and attract more candidates.
  3. The Role of Vulnerability in Transparency - Adam highlights the importance of vulnerability in achieving transparency. He encourages leaders to admit their mistakes and failures, which can resonate with employees and potential candidates. This approach can help companies control their narrative and build stronger connections with their teams. It's about being open about the company's flaws and initiatives to improve, which can foster a stronger connection to the business.

Hosted By

Shannon Ogborn

RecOps Consultant & Community Lead @ Ashby

Shannon Ogborn is a Recruiting Ops expert with nearly ten years of experience at companies from Google to Hired Inc and more. She’s shining a spotlight onto what makes a recruiting strategy one of a kind.

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