Ashby Customer Referral Program Terms of Service

Last updated August 25, 2023

These Ashby Customer Referral Program Terms of Service (these “Terms”) are entered into between Ashby, Inc. (“Ashby”) and you as a participant in Ashby’s Customer Referral Program (the “Referral Program”). These Terms govern your participation in the Referral Program. These Terms do not supersede or amend any other agreement you may have with Ashby regarding services provided by Ashby (the “Services”).

You may participate in the Referral Program by requesting or sending a Referral Link (defined below). You agree that, upon requesting or sending a Referral Link, you have accepted and will be bound by these Terms. For more information on the Referral Program, see

We may amend these Terms at any time by posting an updated version on the Ashby website. If you continue to participate in the Referral Program after we have posted amended Terms, you agree to such Terms as amended.

  1. Referral Program Eligibility. In order to participate in the Referral Program, you must be a current Ashby customer of the Services in good standing.

  2. Qualifying Referrals. Ashby will provide you with a unique URL (the “Referral Link”) that you may share with prospective Ashby customers. Ashby will award you a Referral Bonus (as described in Section 3 below) for each Qualifying Referral. A “Qualifying Referral” must meet all of the following conditions:

    • The referred customer is not an active Ashby customer and has not had a conversation with the Ashby sales team in the past 4 months.
    • The referred customer completes the registration process with Ashby using your Referral Link. If a referred customer registers with Ashby using any other link or method, the registration will not count as a Qualifying Referral. The referred customer must register using a work email address.

    You may only provide the Referral Link directly to your personal acquaintances at prospective Ashby customers. You may not use any paid advertisement to promote the Referral Program, including but not limited to paid search marketing, advertisements, affiliate networks, paid email campaigns or other similar methods. You may not use a Referral Link to create a new Ashby account for your company, your company’s affiliated entities, or yourself.

  3. Referral Bonuses. For each Qualifying Referral that you make, both you and the referred customer will earn a Referral Bonus. The current Referral Bonus is described here; however, Ashby may revise the Referral Bonus at any time by revising these Terms, so be sure to check these Terms regularly for any updates.

    When a Qualifying Referral is completed, each of you and the referred customer will receive a notification, which may be in the form of a Referral Bonus delivered by a third party. Please allow up to eight weeks to receive the Referral Bonus. Use of the Referral Bonus may be governed by third party (e.g., Amazon) terms and conditions.

  4. Privacy. Any personal information that Ashby obtains in connection with the Referral Program will be collected, processed and used solely in accordance with Ashby’s Privacy Policy.

  5. Taxes. The Referral Bonus may qualify as taxable income for you. You are responsible for any federal or state taxes payable as a result of your participation in the Referral Program. Ashby will not be obligated to report federal and state taxes to relevant authorities, but may report such income as required by law.

  6. Reservation of Rights. Ashby reserves the right to withhold, deny or cancel any Referral Bonus if we, in our sole discretion, determine that the Referral Bonus was obtained by means that are fraudulent, abusive, unethical, suspicious or otherwise inconsistent with these Terms or applicable laws or regulations.

  7. Termination. Ashby reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Referral Program at any time for any reason in our sole discretion upon notice to you or by deactivation of the Referral Link. Your eligibility for the Referral Program and the eligibility of any referred customers is determined in Ashby’s sole discretion.

  8. Entire Agreement. These Terms constitute the entire understanding between you and Ashby regarding the Referral Program. No other agreements, representations, or warranties regarding the Referral Program will be binding unless in writing and signed by you and Ashby.