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Kevin Connolly
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The people you hire, and the teams you build, are the foundation of your business. The signing of an offer letter is just the beginning of a long journey to growing and building resilient, world-class businesses.

The importance of understanding and assessing the team you’re building, through your data, is the reason we built Ashby with such advanced reporting capabilities from the very beginning.

Today, Ashby takes a huge step forward in helping organizations on their journey to build world-class teams with the launch of our newest feature: Quality of Hire Surveys.


Let’s take a look at some of the traditional challenges to implementing quality of hire and how Ashby can help you make progress.

Why is quality of hire so daunting?

Getting started

If your team has ever considered getting started with quality of hire it can be challenging to find the right entry point. The directive may even come from executive leadership and take on some form of this conversation: 

Exec: “Can we start measuring quality of hire?”

Talent: “Yes, and when you say quality you mean?”

Exec: “...I thought you might tell me…”

While the example conversation is oversimplified, it’s illustrative of a metric that: 

  1. Does not have a widely accepted definition
  2. If defined, can be broad and made up of many inputs

When you start to define your inputs you quickly realize that “Quality of Hire'' comprises many factors outside of Talent Acquisition’s direct responsibilities. The final hiring decision. Team onboarding activities. KPIs. Manager 1:1’s and check-ins.

With something so broad, not universally defined, and related to several downstream factors it can be challenging to come to a consensus on where and how you should even start.

Running a maintainable quality of hire program

For teams that do get past these initial hurdles, we have been hearing the same story over and over: there are too many difficulties to set up and maintain a system to measure it because:

  • Data is spread all over the place across the ATS, HRIS, and spreadsheets
  • A dedicated program management may be needed to support it 
  • Once you have the data, it’s not clear what action to take based on your findings

This is why quality of hire can start to feel so daunting and unapproachable. If you try to set something up, complexity and operational costs balloon and make it difficult to maintain a system for measuring. Or, you end up not implementing anything at all and are left looking for some way to understand, communicate, and improve the quality of hires coming in the door.

Ashby’s approach to helping you measure quality of hire

At Ashby we aim to become a platform that helps you drive strategic conversations across the business. Our goal is to provide an actionable approach to quality of hire.

What is quality of hire in Ashby?

Our approach is focused on surveying the hiring manager for an assessment of quality post-hire. These are driven by surveys sent to hiring managers on a customizable cadence (e.g. 30/60/90 days) to complete new-hire assessments.


Surveys are lightweight, with smart defaults. The questions are fully customizable giving you the ability to assess for specific points of interest while adding structure to the various dimensions that comprise your quality of hire.

They’re delivered over email or Slack with a focus on driving hiring manager participation and submissions.

You can read up on the feature details here on our blog post: Quality of Hire Surveys to capture and measure your quality of hire.

Why do it this way?

We believe that quality of hire is something you can tangibly begin to measure as a post-hire or onboarding assessment.

During the early stages of an employee's journey, hiring manager assessments are crucial for understanding the employee's success and providing insight to inform recruiting efforts.


Teams need an easy and maintainable process that guarantees ongoing measurement with minimal overhead to administrators and managers. Assessments need to be automated, customizable, and simple for hiring managers to complete.

Most importantly, teams need to visualize post-hire outcomes and have the ability to compare it to upstream recruiting efforts to answer questions like: 

  • How well do our interview assessments correspond with onboarding outcomes? 
  • Do the agencies we’re using produce top performers? 
  • What sources perform the best for longer term outcomes? 

And many other questions related to the host of recruiting data you have in Ashby.

We want to provide a foundation for your team to implement a customized, sustainable, quality of hire initiative taking you from delivery to analysis, that natively incorporates the wealth of ATS data you have.

Get started with quality of hire

We know that hiring manager sentiment can be one of many inputs you may want to consider in measuring quality; but we believe it is the most important first step and a huge improvement over the status quo. Ultimately managers need to be satisfied with hiring outcomes, if they’re not, you get a great signal to start diagnosing where the issue may be.

In the same way Ashby brought advanced, reliable, analytics to your recruiting data, Quality of Hire in Ashby will be a giant leap forward in understanding and measuring the impact of your talent so you can recruit and build the best teams possible.

So, instead of being deterred by the complexity of a quality of hire initiative our aim is to give you a tactical entry point in getting started. Talent teams can spearhead strategic conversations, with clear data, in a manageable way that helps you materially impact the quality of candidates you’re bringing into the company.

You can read more details on our implementation in our feature blog post: Quality of Hire Surveys in Ashby. If you're interested in seeing how you can get started with quality of hire in Ashby you can Book a Demo to learn more.

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