New Feature: Quality of Hire Surveys to Capture and Measure your Quality of Hire

Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez

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Today marks an exciting chapter for Ashby customers. For years, we’ve been building an all-in-one recruiting platform that offers connected workflows across your ATS, sourcing & CRM, and scheduling. All backed by powerful reporting and analytics. Now, we’re excited to release a new feature that helps you become even more strategic and streamlined across your talent function: Quality of Hire Surveys.

Quality of Hire Surveys in Ashby are a giant leap forward in understanding and measuring the impact of your talent so you can recruit and build the best teams possible.

Organizations have long struggled to find an approachable and maintainable way to measure their quality of hire. We now offer tools that enable you to track quality of hire metrics over time and link these insights with the extensive ATS data already stored in Ashby.

What are Quality of Hire Surveys in Ashby?

These are surveys you set up and automatically send to hiring managers on a customizable sequence to assess new hires.


The surveys are designed to be lightweight to ensure hiring manager participation and customizable so you can easily capture the new-hire assessment data that matters to you. To learn more about our product philosophy see: Quality of Hire | An Actionable Approach.

How do Quality of Hire Surveys work in Ashby?

Get started by setting up a survey and sequence as an admin. Surveys come with a default 1-5 rating to create consistency across assessments and allow for meaningful reporting.


You have the ability to add more questions to capture additional data and a dedicated section for more qualitative notes.

Set up your surveys and sequences

Once your surveys are ready, you can create a sequence for delivering them to hiring managers on a customizable cadence.


Set up your desired automation to enroll new hires, driven by their start date, in the survey sequence.


By creating lightweight surveys that are automatically delivered to your hiring managers, you can create a quality of hire program with a sustainable mechanism for capturing this data.

Enrollment and collecting data

With your surveys and sequences set up, we can now take a look at the hiring manager experience. You’ll notice a new page called “Employee Surveys” where hiring managers can see all the Quality of Hire Surveys they are responsible for along with their current enrollment status.


This gives hiring managers a dedicated place to see which enrollments need action and allows them to easily complete surveys from this view. Quality of Hire Surveys also come with a new permission role so you can be sure only the right people have access to this data. See more at Providing Access to Quality of Hire Surveys and Feedback.


Hiring managers will also receive email notifications when feedback is pending and they’ll see a new dedicated tab on their home screen for completing Quality of Hire Surveys that are due.


These notifications take them directly to the Quality of Hire Survey for that particular new hire.  


Hiring managers can also complete surveys directly from within slack.


By surfacing and collecting Quality of Hire Surveys to hiring managers, in a tool they already live in for hiring activities, we can ensure low overhead and high participation.

Analyze trends to improve recruiting efforts

Now that we have a sustainable approach to setting up and collecting quality of hire data, we can start to analyze our reports to improve upstream recruiting efforts.

Using Ashby’s analytics and reporting engine you can easily measure your quality of hire over time across different dimensions.

View overall trends in quality of hire to get a high level understanding of hiring manager assessments for new hires.


Diagnose any areas to investigate outliers by hiring managers.


Connect feedback data with quality of hire assessments to understand attributes of high performing new hires. Use these findings so you can better assess for these attributes in your hiring process.


Understanding these trends gives you a starting point for investigating and driving strategic conversation across the business helping you answer questions like: 

  • How well do our interview assessments correspond with onboarding outcomes? 
  • Do the agencies we’re using produce top performers? 
  • What sources perform the best for longer term outcomes?

With Quality of Hire Surveys you now have a maintainable way for setting up, capturing, and analyzing quality of hire, that seamlessly connects to the wealth of ATS data you have in Ashby, ultimately helping you improve recruiting processes.

In the same way Ashby brought advanced, reliable, analytics to your recruiting data, Quality of Hire in Ashby will be a huge step forward in understanding and measuring the impact of your talent so you can cultivate hiring excellence.

To learn more about setting up Quality of Hire Surveys for your account head over to Ashby University: Quality of Hire Surveys. If you’re interested in trying out Ashby and the new Quality of Hire Surveys you can also Book a Demo to learn more.

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