Episode 23

Managing Objections to DEI Initiatives

About this Episode

In this episode of Offer Accepted, host Shannon Ogborn meets with Ashley King, Founder and Chief Instructor at DEI Labs. Ashley shares insights into how DEI Labs creates a safe space for HR professionals, focusing on ethical, legal, and compliant recruiting practices. Their conversation explores the importance of systemic change in DEI efforts, beyond mere checkboxes.

Ashley discusses the common challenges faced in the talent acquisition space, highlighting the repetitive issues and the impact on marginalized communities. She emphasizes the need for standards, accountability, and a decolonized mindset in the DEI industry. Ashley and Shannon delve into strategies for managing opposition to DEI initiatives, underscoring the importance of data-driven approaches and recruiter education.

The discussion concludes with practical tips for recruiters and HR professionals to create inclusive hiring processes and foster retention. Ashley's perspective on recruiting as a form of matchmaking, aiming for long-term relationships, offers a refreshing take on talent acquisition's role in bridging the wealth gap and promoting workplace equity.


Diversity Equity Inclusion

This Episode's Guest

Ashley King

Founder + Chief Instructor @ DEI Labs

A layoff gave Ashley the push she needed to start her own firm teaching recruiting teams how to do talent, recruiting, and hiring in a way that can create change. She has extensive experience as a talent leader both in-house and fractionally including at companies like Bevy and Veolia.

Key Learnings

  1. Overcoming Opposition to DEI Initiatives- Ashley shares her experiences with various types of opposition to DEI efforts within organizations. She differentiates between valid concerns and misconceptions, such as the meritocracy fallacy, which assumes DEI efforts create unfair advantages. Ashley advocates for understanding and addressing these concerns through education and data, highlighting the role of systemic justification and the need for companies to make conscious decisions about their culture and DEI commitments. This insight sheds light on the complexities of implementing DEI strategies and the necessity of addressing opposition thoughtfully.
  2. The Critical Role of Recruiters in DEI - The discussion reveals the pivotal role recruiters play in advancing DEI within organizations. Ashley argues that recruiters are "the foot soldiers" of DEI, responsible for ensuring equitable hiring practices and fostering an inclusive workplace culture. She stresses the power recruiters have in negotiating salaries, deciding titles, and ultimately influencing the organization's diversity.
  3. Recruiting for Retention -Ashley's hot take on retention as a recruiter's top strategy underscores the importance of a long-term perspective in talent acquisition, highlighting the ethical responsibility recruiters have in their role. This insight calls for a more engaged and conscientious approach to recruitment that prioritizes retention and fairness.

Hosted By

Shannon Ogborn

RecOps Consultant & Community Lead @ Ashby

Shannon Ogborn is a Recruiting Ops expert with nearly ten years of experience at companies from Google to Hired Inc and more. She’s shining a spotlight onto what makes a recruiting strategy one of a kind.

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