Episode 16

Boosting Offer Acceptance Rates with Active Listening Strategies

About this Episode

In this episode of Offer Accepted, Shannon Ogborn sits down with Reggie Williams, Head of Tech Talent at Bain Capital Ventures, to explore the nuanced world of recruiting. Reggie and Shannon delve into the ever-evolving landscape, emphasizing the need to adapt to market shifts and craft winning candidate engagement strategies that truly make an impact.

The conversation unfolds to reveal the delicate balance between offer acceptance rates and quality hiring in the tech industry. They dissect actionable strategies for elevating your offer acceptance rates, including the art of decoding candidate motivations and providing a realistic job preview. Reggie also sheds light on the precise equilibrium recruiters must maintain, juggling speed and precision. 

Throughout the discussion, Reggie emphasizes the power of active listening and shares practical techniques for leveraging it as a means to respond to the unique needs of every candidate.



This Episode's Guest

Reggie Williams

Head of Tech Talent @ Bain Capital Ventures

Reggie Williams, brings a wealth of experience from his time as a recruiting manager during Airbnb's hyper-growth stage and as an IC recruiter at several organizations prior. Currently, he advises portfolio companies on recruiting best practices at Bain Capital Ventures, and his insights have earned him recognition as a top voice in recruiting on LinkedIn.

Key Learnings

Our conversation with Reggie reveals actionable insights on how to enhance offer acceptance rate, including active listening strategies for your entire recruiting team. 

Major takeaways:

  1. Acceptance Rates in Context - Reggie Williams discusses the complexities of offer acceptance rates in recruiting, acknowledging that companies with less brand recognition may face lower acceptance rates. This insight is crucial for recruiters, as it highlights the need to think about the offer as a separate element from the brand or opportunity. By understanding this, recruiters can better strategize to improve their offer acceptance rates, even when competing against more well-known companies. Reggie emphasizes the importance of separating the attractiveness of the offer from the brand appeal, allowing for a more nuanced approach to recruitment.
  2. Understanding Candidate Motivations - Understanding candidate motivations is pivotal in recruiting. By actively listening to candidates and exploring both explicit and implied motivations through discussions about their past roles and desires for making a change, recruiters can tailor their offers, communication, and selling points effectively. This personalized approach, emphasizing the significance of communication, helps align candidates' needs and goals with job opportunities, increasing the likelihood of successful placements.
  3. Declines are not Always a Bad Thing - Achieving a 100% offer acceptance rate may not be the ultimate goal. It's important to strike a balance and maintain a healthy decline rate, allowing candidates to opt into opportunities rather than overspending on compensation and benefits.

Hosted By

Shannon Ogborn

RecOps Consultant & Community Lead @ Ashby

Shannon Ogborn is a Recruiting Ops expert with nearly ten years of experience at companies from Google to Hired Inc and more. She’s shining a spotlight onto what makes a recruiting strategy one of a kind.

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